3 Ways to Combat Smelly Hair

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There are few things quite as embarrassing as having smelly hair. While bad hair days can easily be hidden under a hat, if your hair has an unpleasant odour it is a lot harder to disguise. Dubbed Smelly Hair Syndrome, this condition is most common in people with oily scalps and is thought to be caused by the scalp's sebaceous glands picking up on common odours such as the smells of cooking, smoke, and other strong scents, which, in turn, make the hair smell bad.

Another theory is that smelly hair is caused by what the sufferer eats, but, without any satisfactory medical explanation, it can be tricky to know how to deal with the issue. If you are suffering from unpleasant-smelling and are at your wit's end, read on for some things you can try that will hopefully rid your hair of its bad smell for good.

Be careful how you wash your hair

If it's true that smelly hair is caused by excess oil, you want to be sure not to weigh your hair down with hydrating shampoos and conditioners. It may be worth washing your hair with a shampoo containing zinc pyrithione; these are often recommended for sufferers of dandruff, but there is a chance that it can help with malodourous hair as well as zinc pyrithione is known to slow down the growth of both fungi and bacteria. On top of that, it's shown to be effective at preventing the sebaceous glands from over-producing oil.

Avoid too may products

As stated above, you don't want to weigh down your hair with products that could make it at all oily; therefore, avoid using too much of styling products such as gels, styling creams, hairspray. If you want extra body in your hair, perfect the art of backcombing, instead.

Try a bicarbonate of soda mask

Bicarbonate of soda may work well to neutralize any odours in your hair due to its ability to reduce oiliness in the hair. To use, mix some bicarbonate of soda with water to create a paste. Wet your hair and apply the paste, then leave it on for about 5 minutes. Then, wash out the paste and give your hair a good wash. Do this mask about once a week and, hopefully, you'll find that your hair smells pleasant once again.

If you find your hair still smells unpleasant after trying these tips, it's time to see a doctor so that a fungal infection can be ruled out.


27 July 2016

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