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A beautiful face is not only attractive but it also boosts your self-esteem. And even if you were born with good natural looks, it takes a lot to maintain the appealing facial appearance. For instance, you may be required to exfoliate your face from time to time to preserve the smooth and silky nature of your skin. Face exfoliation isn't a hard task and it is not a must that you use expensive exfoliation products. You can easily scrub your face using some common household items or products such as sugar.

Importance Of Exfoliating Your Face

The purpose of face exfoliation is to get rid of dead cells or dry cells from the skin. This enhances your looks but also helps in improving other areas. If you have clogged pores on your face, for instance, scrubbing your face helps to relieve the congestion. Clogged pores mostly occur around the chin, nose and forehead. Another reason why you should exfoliate is to improve pigmentation. Pigmentation is the darkening of some spots and usually manifests due to aging, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy. When you scrub your face, you break up the pigmented cells and prompt them to fade away.

Exfoliation also improves blood flow in your face, which in turn creates a fresh glow appearance.

How To Exfoliate Your Face                        

To come up with a powerful homemade exfoliation product, all you need is sugar and water. Mix three tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of water in a bowl; mix your ingredients to make a paste that is slightly thick. Then transfer and spread the paste onto a small piece of soft cloth. Using the cloth, scrub your face upwards and in circular motions.

Do not exert excess pressure that will hurt your face; apply a gentle force and let the sugar particles do the rest.  After scrubbing, rinse the paste with warm water followed by cold. The cold water helps to close the pores. If you feel that your face is still sticky after rinsing, it means that some of the scrub is still on your face and hence you need to repeat the rinsing process. Finish the job off by patting your face with a dry towel. If you are intending to go out, apply a sunscreen or a sunblock on your face. This is because the sun may damage your face now that the dead cells that were providing cover are gone.

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8 July 2016

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