Two Points To Consider Before Ordering Your Rugby League Uniforms

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Getting involved in the start up of a new rugby league team is a time-consuming task. As someone who has just agreed to do this, you will also have a lot of decisions to make in the weeks ahead. One of the more important decisions will be the ordering of the uniforms once you get enough players involved in your club. You might think that the ordering of rugby league uniforms is not too difficult, but there are two very important points to think about before you do so. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

All clubs need a little financial help, and one of the preferred ways to do this is to sell sponsorship packages to local businesses. In return for making an annual donation to your club, the business can add their business logo to things like the playing stands and the rugby league jerseys being worn by the players.

When you are choosing a uniform supplier, it is important you keep future sponsorship opportunities in mind. This is because you want to be sure that an unlimited number of logos can be applied to the uniform kit as the teams fanbase grows. Ask your supplier how much extra they charge to attach the logos, and how many logos this fee covers. You don't want to have to switch supplier at a later time because it is too expensive to attach all the sponsorship logos you are committed to.

Printing Onto The Jersey

As well as having the logo printed onto the rugby jersey, there is also the addition of the club name and the player number to consider. There are different methods of attaching these items to the fabric, and it is important you ask your supplier to show you samples of their work.  

For example, when extreme pressure and heat are used to transfer logos onto the fabric, you can obtain a jersey where these details are locked deep into the fabric fibres. This is the type of process you want to see evidence of so that you never have to worry about numbers, logos or the club name peeling from the fabric while the team is out playing. Poor quality uniforms reflect badly on the club and could impact on the opportunities you have to obtain sponsorship dollars.

The best way to choose the perfect rugby league uniform for your team is to speak in person with a representative of the supplier. While it may seem more time-effective to just order them online, seeing the uniform for yourself can help you determine the quality of the product being offered. They can show you samples of different styles available, as well as the finished result once all logos and lettering have been applied. These samples will help you definitively decide what type of uniform is going to suit the new team the best.    


15 June 2016

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