How a weekly massage can make you look and feel great

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When times are tight it's may seem easy to eliminate things such as a weekly massage from the budget. However, a regular massage can help you feel fantastic as well as look great. Here are some ways that a massage can help you. 

Sleep better

Massages can reduce stress and tension to help you sleep better. Sleep is closely related to how good you look, as well rested people tend to be brighter eyed and often have a better-looking skin. If you find yourself tied in knots and unable to sleep at night, a regular massage to release muscular tension might be the answer. 

Stimulate blood flow

Touch and massage can stimulate the blood flow to the skin ensuring that old and tired cells are replaced with newer skin cells. This helps skin to have a more robust and healthy appearance. It's a great idea to ask that the masseur also cover your neck and jawline when doing a weekly body massage as touch on the face can help improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Often massage oils can also help to moisturise, plumpen and soften tired skin. 

Reduce puffiness

If you find that you retain water around certain times of the month due to hormonal changes or have a tendency to gain fluid around the glands due to allergies, it can be useful to have a massage. A massage can stimulate the body's natural inclination to push the extra fluid through the kidney and expel it, which can often make you feel slimmer and less bloated. Equally, a massage can be useful if you've overindulged and your body needs some assistance to push the extra sodium and retained fluids that can come after excess salt consumption or too much alcohol.  

Reduce stress and improve mood

People who are stressed tend to have a more tense appearance and often have a slumped posture. Massage can help to relax and release muscles throughout the body, helping people to have a more upright posture. This can often make clothes hang better on the body and contribute to a better overall personal appearance. 

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable way to improve your personal appearance, why not book a weekly body massage? Regular massage can help you to relax and reduce stress, have a slimmer appearance and help to stimulate blood flow to create a more youthful appearance. 


6 June 2016

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